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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

First and foremost, thank YOU. This feeling is my 'Moment 4 Life' - #Soliloquy is finally here. For a while I have known I wanted to release my debut EP around the anniversary of Nicki Minaj's debut album, 'Pink Friday'. I sort of got caught up in this idea of the perfect release, only to step into a puddle of overwhelming stress on top of everything else I have going on. It was then that I realized, I'm an independent artist that is just starting out, why the fuck am I stressed about a perfect release. It'll never be that. Instead I should be focused on finishing my fall semester on a high note. That's what is important to me right now.

At the start of this year, I set out to create a body of work that expressed my inner feelings, things I say and think to myself when looking in the mirror. Channeling my own inner Princess/Villainess. I've done that. So now, I'm ready to share it. My debut demo EP, Soliloquy: The Mixtape, is available for download starting 11/20/20. On 11/22 it will be available for streaming exclusively on SoundCloud. Before the year's end, it will be available on all other platforms. If you choose to download my EP, I would ask that you consider donating money to my PayPal (, Cashapp ($itsdivaj), Venmo (@itsdivaj), or Apple Pay (gotta have my number :P) to show support so that I can continue to independently create music. Please be sure to include '#Soliloquy download' in the memo section as well.

Thank you again for your support and enjoy #Soliloquy

Love always & forever,


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