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OMG YALL!!! My first professional performance is in the books!! Huge shoutout to Ro and The Current (MPR) for having me as a guest appearance on the fourth installment of the 'Sounds Like Home' virtual festival!

I had the pleasure of performing my second single, 'Nothing Personal' off my debut mixtape 'Soliloquy'! The record was a collaboration with Ro! She produced the beat and wrote the hook, and together we created something truly magical, universal, and authentic to the struggles of interpersonal relationships and the importance of moving forward and self growth.

I can't wait to continue performing and exchange energy with a live crowd! This is only the beginning. 2021 finna be lit yall! Be sure to continue to show support. Share, comment, like, and stream my tracks! Can't do it without you.



watch the performance (again and again and again) below

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